POLLMARK assumes a leading role in the field of research with its customer-centered and complete service approach. Each research project is designed by focusing on the unique needs of our customers, providing specific and original content to our customers rather than general information. The basis of this approach is to provide strong guidance in our customers’ decision-making processes and enable them to achieve their business goals.

POLLMARK meticulously manages every stage of the research process. We aim to obtain the most comprehensive and effective results by working in close cooperation with our customers, from determining the research questions to data collection and analysis. We strive to align research results with our customers’ business goals and strategic vision.

The main feature of POLLMARK’s research approach is its effort to combine theory and practice in the most appropriate way. We avoid speculations that are not based on observable data and observations that are not based on theoretical foundations. Each research project is essentially based on an intensive literature review and a theoretical framework, and the results are interpreted from various perspectives in the light of the most current theoretical approaches.

POLLMARK appropriately combines qualitative and quantitative research techniques in each research project. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data allows for a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis. The basis of this approach lies in correctly interpreting the data and providing the most valuable information to our customers.

Accurate definition of the research population is one of the most important issues for POLLMARK. In each research project, the research population is carefully defined and sampling strategies, data collection methods and analysis techniques are determined accordingly. In this way, the reliability and validity of research results are increased.

POLLMARK uses strict control mechanisms to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data. In the process from data collection to report preparation, quality control measures are applied at every step and the consistency and accuracy of the data is ensured.

In preparing research reports, it is essential to present the data in a clear and understandable way. Visualizing data through tables and graphs helps make complex information more understandable. However, the reports also provide the depth and detail required to accurately interpret and analyze the data.

POLLMARK’s extensive knowledge and experience gives our customers a competitive advantage. With an in-depth understanding of Turkey’s social, political, economic and cultural environment, our team offers our clients a unique perspective and makes a valuable contribution to their decision-making processes.


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