POLLMARK is in a leading position in the field of education with its customer-centered and comprehensive service approach. Each training program is designed by focusing on the specific needs of our customers and is tailored to meet the business needs of the participants rather than standard information. The basis of this approach is to enable our customers to achieve their business goals and help them achieve the best results.

POLLMARK meticulously manages every stage of the training programs. First of all, a comprehensive needs analysis is carried out to understand and meet the needs of our customers. This analysis evaluates our customers’ current skill and knowledge levels, allowing the training content to be accurately determined. Then, original training materials are prepared using the latest and most effective training techniques in the industry. These materials are carefully designed to maximize participants’ learning experience and convey knowledge effectively.

During the presentation of the trainings, a dynamic environment is created where participants can interact. Our instructors take an active role in not only imparting knowledge, but also answering participants’ questions, participating in discussions and providing feedback. Thus, participants have the opportunity to shape their own learning processes and deepen knowledge.

The venues where training will be held are carefully selected and arranged to maximize the learning environment. Every detail is optimized to keep participants focused and learning, free from distractions. Additionally, training venues are arranged to enable participants to learn in a comfortable and convenient environment.

POLLMARK selects its instructors meticulously and trains them in accordance with the requirements of the training programs. Our instructors are specialized and experienced professionals and provide an effective learning experience using the latest training methodologies. Additionally, thanks to international collaborations, we have the opportunity to collaborate with expert trainers from around the world if needed.

POLLMARK constantly monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of training programs. After each training program, a comprehensive evaluation is carried out to measure the satisfaction of the participants and receive their feedback. The data obtained is used as an important guide for the development and improvement of educational programs.

After the end of the training programs, we meet with the participants and evaluate how the information obtained from the training is applied in business life and its results. This evaluation process is an important step to strengthen the learning processes of the participants and ensure that they get maximum benefit from the training.